Chicago’s 20 Most Iconic Restaurant Dishes


Якщо говорити про знакову їжу, Іллінойс – це більше, ніж піца з френч фрайзом та хот-доги з салатом. Завдяки різноманітному населенню, це також кулінарна одісея, яка чекає, коли її відкриють і оцінять.

Тож вибрайте й відкривайте для себе знакові страви Іллінойсу.

Тут представлені найбільш квінтесенціальні страви в нашому штаті – і найкращі місця для їх оцінки.

Chicago’s 20 Most Iconic Restaurant Dishes

1. Lou Malnati’s

6649 N Lincoln Ave
Lincolnwood, IL 60712

(847) 673-0800

The Malnati Chicago Classic: Chicago is synonymous with deep dish pizza and Lou Malnati’s famed pies are a glorious overload of cheese and carbs that no true Chicagoan is ashamed of loving. The Malnati Chicago Classic takes it to the next level with a layer of lean sausage patty atop an oh-so-good buttercrust.

2. Eli’s Cheesecake Bakery Cafe

6701 W Forest Preserve Ave
Chicago, IL 60634

(773) 308-7000

Cheesecake: Even though Eli’s no longer has a downtown presence (they closed in 2005), Chicagoans still crack a smile when they’re served a slice of tradition. A special shout-out to the chocolate-covered cheesecake on a stick served at the Taste of Chicago.

3. Gene & Jude’s

2720 River Rd
River Grove, IL 60171

(708) 452-7634

Depression Dog: There are plenty of places for a Chicago-style dog, but Gene & Jude’s does it a bit differently by dumping a heap of fries over the encased meat.

Chicago’s 20 Most Iconic Restaurant Dishes

4. Johnnie’s Beef

7500 W North Ave
Elmwood Park, IL 60707

(708) 452-6000

Italian Beef: There will be much handwringing over the best version of a beef. Hot or sweet peppers? Dry or au jus? Johnnie’s two locations boast a small menu but everything is executed to perfection. For an even bigger option, try the combo – an Italian sausage topped with shredded beef.

5. Papa’s Cache Sabroso

2517 W Division St
Chicago, IL 60622

(773) 862-8313

Jibarito: The jibarito is a Humboldt Park classic created by Puerto Ricans. They take two slices of plantains, use them like bread, and pack the sandwich with deliciousness. And love. Pick between chicken, steak, and veggie fillings.

6. Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House

1024 N Rush St
Chicago, IL 60611

(312) 640-0999

Shrimp DeJonghe: Shrimp DeJonghe was first served in Chicago in 1923. It’s simple: Shrimp, garlic, breadcrumbs, and either wine or sherry.

7. Garrett Popcorn Shops

625 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60611

(888) 476-7267

Garrett Mix: No list would be complete without mentioning Illinois’ official snack food. The famous popcorn chain offers many addictive flavors but the patented Garrett Mix is always a fine choice, combining sweet CaramelCrisp with savory Cheesecorn.

Chicago’s 20 Most Iconic Restaurant Dishes

8. Gene & Georgetti

500 N Franklin St, Chicago
IL, 60610

(312) 527-3718

Broiled T-Bone Steak: Chicago’s meat-packing history gives the city a variety of upscale steakhouse options. The steak at Gene & Georgetti’s is wet-aged for about 30 days. There’s nothing fancy about the presentation – the meat’s simply unseasoned and broiled. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

9. Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse

33 W Kinzie St
Chicago, IL 60654

(312) 828-0966

Chicken Vesuvio: The origins of the dish remain murky, but most agree it’s a Chicago creation. Harry Caray’s version is a solid introduction for both locals and tourists alike.

Chicago’s 20 Most Iconic Restaurant Dishes

10. Avec

615 W Randolph St, Chicago
IL, 60661

(312) 377-2002

Chorizo-Stuffed Medjool Dates: One Off Hospitality Group’s Mediterranean restaurant is consistently one of Chicago’s most popular destinations. That’s in part due to the “life-changing” dates stuffed with chorizo, wrapped with bacon, and served with piquillo pepper sauce.

11. Manny’s Cafeteria & Delicatessen

1141 S Jefferson St, Chicago
IL, 60607

(312) 939-2855

Corned Beef Sandwich: Manny’s is the stuff that legends are made of, so folks should sink their teeth into its famous corned beef.

12. Jim’s Original Hot Dog

1250 S Union Ave, Chicago
IL, 60607

(312) 733-7820

Maxwell Street Polish: While hot dogs get all the glory, the Maxwell Street Polish – a kielbasa topped with mustard, grilled onions, and sport peppers – quietly satisfies Chicagoans.

Chicago’s 20 Most Iconic Restaurant Dishes

13. Albano’s Pizzeria

5913 W Roosevelt Rd
Cicero, IL 60644

(708) 863-0060

Pizza Puff: As one Yelper proclaims: “They don’t have pizza puffs here. They have GOD puffs.” Pizza puffs are a Chicago invention and Iltaco Foods is the item’s largest manufacturer. Venture out to Cicero for a hearty homemade version.

14. Fat Johnnie’s Famous Red Hots

7242 S Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60636

(773) 633-8196

Mother-in-Law: The Chicago-style hot dog gets a unique twist at this South Side stand. Fat Johnnie’s signature Mother-in-Law features a cornmeal tamale on a bun smothered with chili, onions, tomatoes, green relish, and cucumber slices. Don’t ask how, it just works.

Chicago’s 20 Most Iconic Restaurant Dishes

15. Lem’s BBQ House

311 E 75th St
Chicago, IL 60619

(773) 994-2428

Rib Tips: Rib tips are an often overlooked barbecue specialty but this old-school joint puts the spotlight on them. They’re cooked in a customized aquarium smoker – the largest in the city – and smothered in a vinegary sauce for a tender, chewy cut that requires getting a little messy.

16. Stony Sub

8440 S Stony Island Ave
Chicago, IL 60617

(773) 978-4000

Gym Shoe: It’s unclear where the sandwich was first created but this South Side shop is one of its most well-known purveyors. Despite the odd name, the Gym Shoe is a delicious trifecta of roast beef, gyro meat, and corned beef. That’s not all, though, as the hearty concoction is mixed with giardiniera, sweet peppers, onions, tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, mayo, and Swiss cheese.

17. Taurus Flavors

8534 S Stony Island Ave
Chicago, IL 60617

(773) 374-1872

Sweet steak: Chicago’s counterpart to Philly cheesesteak is a sweet variant from the South Side. While it’s not as widely known as Italian beef, this hoagie – sporting coarsely-chopped rib eye, onions, American cheese, sweet peppers, tomatoes, and a signature sweet sauce – has earned a loyal following and long lines outside the restaurant are common.

18. Vito & Nick’s

8433 S Pulaski Rd
Chicago, IL 60652

(773) 735-2050

Tavern-Style Pizza: Deep dish gets all of the attention but tavern-style pizza is as, if not more, integral to Chicago’s culinary identity. This Eater 38 institution produces the finest thin crust in town, topping the crunchy dough with ingredients like sausage, sliced beef, anchovies, and shrimp. And in true Chicago fashion, the pies are best enjoyed with a cold pint of Old Style.

Chicago’s 20 Most Iconic Restaurant Dishes

19. Rainbow Cone

9233 S Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60643

(773) 238-7075

Rainbow Cone: Why choose one flavor when Chicagoans can have them all? This South Side institution has been scooping its unique cones for nine decades. The namesake Rainbow Cone is a combination of orange sherbet with chocolate, strawberry, Palmer House (New York vanilla with cherries and walnuts), and pistachio ice creams that both kids and adults can’t get enough of.

Chicago’s 20 Most Iconic Restaurant Dishes

20. Calumet Fisheries

3259 E 95th St
Chicago, IL 60617

(773) 933-9855

Smoked Fish: Smokehouses are a dying breed but this legendary spot has been around since 1948 and is still delivering some of the best fish in town. Fresh seafood is wood-smoked on-site and the finished products, such as salmon, trout, and fried shrimp, are well worth a trip down to the city limits.